Our online Product Selector allows you to quickly find the most suitable Guardian Glass product for your project, whatever the application and whatever appearance or performance requirements are needed.

Using intuitive search, sort and filter options, in just a few clicks, you can use the Guardian Glass Product Selector to easily find the most suitable glass solution for your next project.

You can quickly explore the aesthetic and functional possibilities of our products, while ensuring you choose a solution that also meets other important project criteria such as the building’s energy and daylighting requirements.

At the top level, the tool allows you to search for specific products by name or to filter your search by selecting from a variety of project and product attributes: façade type, glazing composition, light transmission, solar factor, colour and reflection outside.

As you filter your searches via these attributes, a list of matching products appears on screen with the product(s) technical details clearly visible. These products can be quickly compared using the criteria above but also more detailed attributes such as solar factor, U-value, shading coefficient and inside reflection.

At this stage, you can choose to sort the displayed technical information according to an even more extensive list of attributes that include, for example, whether it is possible to bend the glass, coat the glass with a ceramic print, or the recommended matching spandrel for that particular product.

After comparing the shortlist of products by their attributes, you can select the most suitable product(s) for your project and export these results as a PDF document, which can then be shared with your colleagues.


Check out the Guardian Glass Product Selector, select your product today.