Nancy Sewell
The future of glass in architecture: a conversation with Nancy Sewell

Multi-use buildings, personalisation and availability of sustainable resources.

We spoke to Nancy Sewell – independent design consultant with more than 40 years’ experience in advising and designing commercial office buildings, airports, hospitals and mission-critical workspaces in over 60 countries – on the future role of glass in architecture.

E8 Building
Double skin facades: selecting the right combination of glass to optimise their benefits

When designing a double skin façade, it is important to choose the right combination of glass to optimise the benefits in terms of energy management, dynamic selectivity, thermal insulation, and enhanced comfort, while minimising potential issues such as condensation, says Ralf Greiner, Product Application Manager for Guardian Glass in Europe.

Guardian Glass Castellana 77
A new and sustainable life for Castellana 77

In the heart of Madrid’s financial centre, in the AZCA district, stands Castellana 77, a building which, after two decades out of service, has begun a new iconic life thanks to luis vidal +arquitectos.

Glass solutions for Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

What is your vision of the future? What role will glass play in your vision?

Punta de Mar, a unique advanced floating accommodation in Spain

The architectural studio Mano de Santo and KMZero, Open Innovation Hub, part of Martinez Group, chose Guardian Glass when designing Punta de Mar, the first floating, dynamic and advanced accommodation in Spain.

LEEDing the way in advanced glazing for more energy efficient buildings

When designing sustainable, energy efficient buildings, architects are increasingly looking to advanced glazing solutions, not only to obtain the best all-round performance and aesthetics, but also to achieve the highest possible environmental certification rating for their project, says Jonathan Brunette, European Product Compliance and Performance Manager, Guardian Europe.