Welcome in the "House of the Desert"

Špela Videčnik, Architect at OFIS Architecture, an expert in extreme environments and invited teacher at Harvard University, led the large and experienced team of architects responsible for "the house of the desert" - Guardian Glass' ambitious project in Goraffe desert, Spain. Now she talks about the challenges and goals the team had with the project.

The Future of Dynamic Shading with Blackout at the Touch of a Button

Guardian Glass has developed a new, cost-effective, reliable, integrated shading solution for windows and doors. The patented solution is unlike any other shading product currently available. Initially targeted for residential windows and doors, the new solution will initially be available in a fully integrated ‘blackout’ shade version, followed by privacy and solar glare control versions.

Technical Challenges of Glass for Megatall Buildings

Glass for megatall buildings (i.e. skyscrapers over 600 metres high) often tends to be taken for granted in terms of its technical functions. Yet the high-tech, high strength glazing that covers today’s megatall buildings – such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai – is as important to the building’s performance as the steel and concrete inside it.

A sense of things to come at glasstec 2018

Glasstec, the world’s leading event for the glass industry, opens its doors in Düsseldorf, Germany, 23-26 October.

New SunGuard® SuperNeutral™ 63 satisfies architectural design trends

Guardian Glass has introduced a new double-silver coated solar control glass with a grey, neutral appearance that meets current architectural trends for glass facades and windows.