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Glass is a fantastic multi-functional material. It helps to protect from injuries, from the heat, the cold, the wind, the noise. It can take various appearances, from the most vivid color to the most neutral one. It can reflect the surroundings of a building to create a mirage-like structure or become virtually invisible to offer an extraordinary visual experience.

With Guardian Possibilities, we share our glass expertise to help you See what’s possible and make your project happen.

Guardian Glass
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The use of glass in commercial buildings can affect design, appearance, thermal performance, safety and security, as well as the comfort and wellbeing of its occupants.

Architects who understand the full range of possibilities available from glass manufacturers can use these products to create visually stunning, optimum performing designs that excel in all these areas.


Discover Guardian Inspiration, our platform dedicated to influential architecture made possible with Guardian glass.


Guardian Glass produces high performance glass for use in exterior (both commercial and residential) and interior architectural applications, as well as transportation and technical products. Guardian glass can be found in homes, offices, cars and some of the world’s most iconic architectural landmarks.

We continuously works to create new glass products and solutions using the most advanced technology to help customers See what's possible®.