Glass displays are used to protect precious artifacts from damage or distress, whilst presenting them in their best light.

Sometimes it can also act as an unfortunate obstruction to your view.

Unwanted glare, reflections or reduced lighting levels prevent visitors from having a clear view of the object. It also prevents the object from reaching its full visual potential and being seen as it was once intended. Our solution to this problem is Guardian Clarity™.

Product Benefits

As a scenographer you probably spend lots of time and money on the fight between good lighting and bad reflections.

Getting that perfect lighting for your artifact while avoiding the risk of unwanted distractions.

Guardian Clarity™ can reduce reflection from 8% to around 0.7%, compared to standard display glass. At the same time, light transmission is increased from 90% to 98% which means a viewing experience through the glass that is vistually distortion free.

Flexibility in form and function

Guardian Clarity™ is available in thicknesses from 3 to 15 mm, and as laminated glass from 3+3 up to 8+8 with various level of safety and security. Guardian Clarity™ is available on Guardian UltraClear™ low iron glass and can be laminated, toughened, bent, printed and processed to meet your requirements.

A window of colors

Guardian Clarity™ ensures high contrast and optimum color neutrality. Any residual reflection is a soft neutral blue, combined with transparency and incredible aesthetic appeal at any angle.

Keep it safe

Your valuables are well protected behind our unseen hero. In applications which require safety glass, Guardian Clarity™ can be tempered, heat strengthened or supplied laminated for additional security, safety and ultraviolet protection.

Meet the unseen Heroes

Behind every succesful exhibition there are a number of unseen heroes.From the museum director to the scenographer and the glass supplier, they are all contributed with specific skills to make the exhibition a work of art in itself.

Here you get the chance to meet them.

Transparency is everything

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