Last update: 28.08.2019
Solar control

Our product: SunGuard

Regardless of what the building’s architectural or building physical requirements are, the broad SunGuard® glass range can provide an optimum transparent solution.

SunGuard® eXtra Selective (SNX)

SunGuard® SNX offers an outstanding symbiosis of transparency, thermal insulation and solar protection. The focus is on extremely high selectivity – the ratio of light to solar energy transmission. The term “SNX” stands for the latest generation of solar control coatings with a spectral selectivity greater than 2. All technical values are close to physical feasibility. With “SNX-HT”, heat treatable and bendable versions are also available.



SunGuard® SuperNeutral®  (SN) 

In addition to high spectral selectivity, the most important feature of this product line based on ExtraClear® float glass, is its neutral appearance combined with minimal reflection. In double insulating glass, Ug values as low as 1.0 W/(m2K) are achieved with different light transmission values.
All SunGuard® SuperNeutral® types are available as “SN- HT”, a heat treatable and bendable version.



SunGuard® High Performance (HP)

SunGuard® HP is a product line of selective multi-functional coatings with a broad variety of colours and reflection grades. All of this glass can be tempered, bent and printed using a ceramic process.
Due to the durability of the coatings, many SunGuard® HP variants are compatible with a broad range of sealants for standard insulating glass applications. In a double-glazed insulating glass unit, Ug values lie between 1.5 and 1.1 W/(m²K) without additional thermal insulation as a counterpane, ΤL values are  between 60 and 30 % and g values between approx. 50 - 20 %, depending on the colour intensity and reflection grade.



SunGuard® High Durable (HD)

Providing the highest flexibility for use and processing, SunGuard® HD is the series of pure solar control coatings. The whole spectrum of every conceivable process, including laminating, tempering or bending, can be realised using SunGuard® HD glass. It withstands almost all glazing materials and sealants. In double insulating glass and with a counter pane of ClimaGuard® Premium2, the SunGuard® HD series provides a Ug value of 1.1 W/(m2K) with ΤL  values of approx. 10 to 64 % and g values of < 10 up to approx. 50 %.
The high durability allows the SunGuard® HD range for monolithic applications (facing the interior side of the construction). 



SunGuard® Solar

With SunGuard® Solar, GUARDIAN provides pure solar protection glass with a range of special colours. These coatings can be heat treated, bent or printed with ceramic paint.